As a multicultural Greek sorority, Sigma Psi Zeta recognizes that there is an injust system that marginalizes our identities as not only womxn, but womxn of color. Amongst these challenges, we recognize that sexual assault and domestic violence are social matters that endanger womxn all around the world. As allies, we organized this event as an effort to fundraise, empower, recognize, and initiate.



20% of the profits received from this event will be donated to a non-profit with a mission to combat sexual assault and domestic violence. We are striving to fundraise at least a total of $1,500 through ticket sales, donations, and sponsorships by the day of the event.


Sigma Psi Zeta strives to bring empowerment to womxn and survivors. We validate the experiences of survivors and womxn for combatting these challenges. The event recognizes the strength and bravery that comes with these challenges through the expression of art and word from our fellow sisters.


Sigma Psi Zeta intends on providing information to the audience that will leave an impact that facilitates conversation. The event will raise awareness and inform its attendees on why the conversation is important, and recognize why it holds value in our organization.


Our organization understands that being an ally takes action. Through the establishment of the SYZter showcase, we hope to initiate not only conversation, but inspire attendees to take action.

April 21st, 2019 – 6-9PM –Memorial Union Theater

$5 for Greeks
$7 for students (college or high school)
$10 for non-students
Follow our Facebook event page for more details!


February: #LOVEBETTER Campaign


This semester, we aim to continue combating the violence against women through both action and awareness. Through internal community service for Haven Housing and external fundraising for the Harriet Tubman Center and community conversations, we want to see a direct change in the communities that we fight for – and we invite you to join us in this cause as well.

The #LoveBetter campaign is one such community effort that we are initiating during the month of February. It is a three-part series: “Behind Closed Doors,” our first event on February 8th, is a silent auction and soiree held to spark conversation and bring awareness to our cause. Following that, our Valentine’s Day collection at “Love Struck” showcases art created by survivors of domestic abuse. To end the week, supporters may buy lollipops for a loved one from February 12-14th and we will donate the same amount to the Harriet Tubman Center, a shelter for victims of domestic abuse.

Love shouldn’t hurt.

Join us in supporting this movement.


Our silent auction is now closed! Thank you for all of your support for us and women in our local community. Overall, the entire #LoveBetter Campaign raised over $2000 and from the items below, we were able to raise $1,012 for the Harriet Tubman Women’s Shelter.